Special tours

Here we have now and a few special tours, from time to time. Since we obviously like to travel sometimes, we would like to take your darling with us.

Please note that these special tours can not be booked with our booking form. If you are interested in booking a special tour please contact us personally via email: “buchung2010 [AT] toyholiday.net”.
Also for special tours are always considered our current terms and conditions.

Next special trips:


June/July 2010 – 1 week Istanbul
We will visit about June / July the beautiful Turkish city of Istanbul. More is not known yet. But we’ll do very much even all the facets of the city, there is a colorful mix of culture, sightseeing, nightlife and a lot of fun. A visit to a bazaar and a mosque is also a must.

The travel date is quite close, so please contact us soon. The exact date of the trip is fixed around mid-May.
Guides: 2 Hungarian and 2 Germans
Languages of the guide: German, Hungarian, English, Turkish and Russian
Number of participants: maximum of 4 (for personal care)
Price: Not clearly defined yet. Ca. 149 Euro per participant for the entire stay including all costs and expenses.
Contact: buchung2010 [AT] toyholiday.net