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A stuffed animal is more than a piece of cloth with a few threads and a fluffy filling. A stuffed animal has a soul. It is also for some a best friend.

Why you should not spend your best friend a little holiday? Send him out from his dreary Teddy life for a few days!

Trister Teddybär Alltag

Give him a little holiday, let him see a bit of the great world. I suspect your stuffed animal has never left your house. Except maybe when you move. Stop it now! Make your stuffed animal happy and grant him a break.

How? Very simple. Here on the page you can book your cuddly toy a holiday. And even a really beautiful and very special. In Cyprus! As you watch not bad, eh? ;-)
Sun, palm trees, sea, beach, mountains, nice people from all over the world, historical places and much, much to discover. And I will be the personal guide for your stuffed animal.

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Teddy auf Reisen

Send your cuddly toy now in a dream holiday which it (and you) will never forget!